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A Maze N Math
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Navigate all mazes in order, eliminate all numbers Navigate the mazes in order to eliminate all the numbers. Simple math makes for great obstacles. directions:Use arrow keys to move the red piece through the maze and to collect and eliminate all of the numbers.

A Maze'n Math Walkthrough

Move the red piece through the maze and use it to eliminate all of the numbers. Each time you move the red onto a number it will absorb it. Your goal is to figure out the puzzle of the maze and get to the end. To open a blue door red must have at least the $ value displayed and its value will then reduce the $ amount. When red moves onto a yellow bonus piece its value will change based on the maze Mathematical formula shown. To enter a grey maze games passage that displays the =,< or > symbol, the red maze value must conform to the required condition to pass through. Red must never exceed 99 or that level will just restart.


I would call the first couple of levels very simple, really they are just there to show you how to navigate the maze games and move the red square around. Once you get past the beginner mazes the challenged get much tougher. You will have to think a few steps ahead to try to stay ahead of the maze.


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