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Bubble Maze
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You are the bubble, the bubble stuck in the maze games. Help the bubble navigate its way through the various mazes in this game. directions: Use the arrows, dont let the bubble hit the walls.

Soap Bubble Maze - Walkthrough

This is one of the most challening and addicting maze games we have ever posted on all maze games. In Soap bubble you press the arrow keys very slowly and try to navigate through the really tough mazes to the exit. Your goal is not to let the soap bubble hit the maze walls and pop. Once you get a bit better at this game you can turn the Time Trial on and see if you can make it through the mazes faster than anyone else. A solo-player arcade game for all ages and constitutions, by Anders Gustafsson.

How to play

Guide the bubbles with the arrow keys and avoid all obstacles on your way to the exit. This game has a high degree of difficulty, you need to be very careful when pressing the arrow keys because you will slam right into the maze walls without even trying.

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