Dangerous Maze

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Dangerous Maze
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Use your mouse to get around the dangerous maze game. These can be frustrating, but hey you wanted maze games, you got maze games. directions:Hover over the green dot to start, use the mouse to control your dot through the maze.

Dangerous Maze- Walkthrough

Start playing the maze level from the green circle. Reach the red circle without touching any object. You have 5 lives, there are a total of 6 maze levels to complete. This maze game is brutally hard. That's probably why they named it dangerous maze, it is completely unforgiving and if you are looking for a challenging maze game to play you have found it ! Our staff of specially trained maze monkeys even had a tough time getting off level 1 in the first maze. How to play Use your mouse to navigate from the starting green circle. Try to make it all the way to the exit without touching any of the maze walls. Be very careful when going through the maze because it is brutal and hard.

Screen Shots

This screen shot is from level 1 of the dangerous maze, that's as far as we made it because we suck !


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