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Invisible Cursor Maze Game
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Move the curser through crazy mazes while invisible. Guide your curser through various mazes but the catch is, your arrow is invisible. Are you up for the challenge? directions:Mouse to play. The Invisible Cursor is a great maze game. This game is made by 2games and was made in 2010. You need to guide your invisible cursor through a series of different maze style levels and similar to other maze games we have posted you need to use your mouse to do so. This game is a twist on the traditional maze games, they use some cool special effects to make it look a little cooler but when you break it down it is a pretty simple game. The challenge in this game is that when you start playing they hide the visibility of the different mazes so you have to do them blind. In this maze game you get 3 lifes and you need to guide your mouse from the start to the end of the various mazes. Our staff found this to be one of the more addicting maze games we have ever posted. We cannot stop playing it, and hope you find the same effect when playing this maze game.


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