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The quest for cheese is a heart warming story about a lab rate trying to find his way through the maze to find the cheese. Whenever you see a lab rat on television in a movie they are always trying to run through some mazes and get to the end. It's a cruel little game of hide and seek for the rats in the maze and they need to see if they have what it takes. This maze game has 42 different levels all of which your goal is to find the different cheeses in the mazes. One thing that really helps with your progress through the maze is that your rat leaves a trail wherever it has been in the maze. You can see your footprints so when you get to the later mazes and they are much more challenging you can tell what areas you have been to. You use the arrow keys to navigate the maze. Find the cheese in the maze before the cheese award reaches zero. Press the space bar to stand up and see the whole maze for a moment. Can you find all 42 different kinds of cheeses in the various maze games the lab rat will play ? Each of the various maze games come with a different reward. You can start collecting different cheeses for the rat , on first one you find the Edam, a mild cheese with a little smell, Edam was the worlds most popular cheese from the 14th to the 18th centuries. Playing this maze game you may even learn something you never knew about all the various maze cheeses you collect.


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