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One of the best maze games we have ever posted here is the maze runner game. Run through a 3d virtual maze and try to find your way to the end. Try not to fail the maze. Your goal is to run through the 3d flash maze games before your time expires. Do not fail to complete your mission before the sunset which is when your time also expires. Every day, runners are sent from the glade to map out the interminable maze that hold them captive. Do you have what it takes to be the maze runner ? Game art by troy Cummings studio, and the programming is by Jeff Mohl design. This game is brought to you by armor games. Use the arrow keys to control your maze runner. Complete various missions to open up more levels. You can also collect various food and power ups to gain health during the different maze levels.

4 Missions of Maze Runner Missions

  • Mission 1: Map the Maze: alright, green-bean. Its time to prove yourself by getting out there and exploring the maze. Map at least 90% of the maze and return to the glade before sunset. But watch out for Grievers.
  • Mission 2: Beware beetle blades: You may have heard from the other Gladers that hate maze is infested with beerle blades. These robotic bugs will attract Grievers if you get too close, so steer clear! Just map 90% of the maze and get out of there.
  • Mission 3: Runner to the Rescue: The Grievers must be extra fierce today, because three runners are down playing maze games. Get out there and find those runners before the sun sets and the doors close - our you will all be Griever chow.
  • Mission 4: Supplies and Surprise: Other runners are reporting there may be crates containing food supplies in the maze. Find 10 of these crates and shuck it back to the Glade ASAP. It's important to have enough food while playing maze games. Mission 5 - 10 ? You will have to play and find out for yourself :)


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