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Mazego Remix
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Run through a maze while being hunted during this game. Cool twist on a flash game, where you have to run through a maze and not get caught , you can also drop traps for your enemies. directions: Arrows to move about the maze, use space to drop bombs.

Mazego Remix- Walkthrough

This maze game is Jacob Millers Mazego Remix. Get to the end of the maze without being captured. Lay traps to eliminate enemies. Collect more traps as you travel through the maze games levels and always keep running as to not get caught! Every time you play this maze game the maze itself is different, we through that was a really cool aspect. Not many maze games will create a whole new maze for you every time you start playing.

How to play

Use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate the different mazes and then use the space key to drop bombs. You need to bait the different opponents into the traps to kill them off then look for the finish line which is a trap with a red circle artound it. It may take you some time to get through the maze to the finish line but be patient, if you go too fast you will surely run into another maze trap on your way.

Screen Shots

As you can see form the mazego maze screenshots the game is winnable. Keep collecting and laying traps as you go through the maze and you will make it.


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