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Mesmemarble Maze
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Mesmerable Maze is just as the title states: a mesmerizing maze game in which you are a marble looking for your appropriate exit strategy. This game is brough to us from armor games. Mesmerable is a pretty cool maze game where you are actually a marble and you have to make your way through a maze of color coded holes and pathways to find your exit strategy. directions:Guide your marble through a series of mazes to try and get to the exit portal (yellow circle) You can rebound off walls only and can transport from one portal to another of the same color. Watch out for holes, if you fall down one of these you will have to start again. Magnets attract the marble and conveyer belts push the marble along int he direction they are pointing. Try not to be squished by stompers which move in and out of the platforms as well. This game was written by Kabomb for armor games which is one of the best free flash games vendors on the entire web. They are always giving us some of the best free maze games we can find anywhere so we can provide them for you here on our maze games website. We find this maze game to have a decent amount of challenge and fun to it. The learning curve is not very high and we think that anyone who would regularly enjoy maze games would have no problem killing some time and enjoying themselves playing this maze game as well. The instructions are pretty simple for Mesmermarble, you just use your keyboard and control the marble through the various mazes and different levels of fun. We hope you enjoy this maze game and play it from time to time.


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