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Open Doors Maze
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Move through various mazes by opening and closing doors to exit. Help this block find the exit by opening and closing doors. Each level gets harder so be strategic when opening a door. directions:Arrows to move, R to reset. Open Doors is an awesome maze game where you need to use the arrow keys to defeat the puzzle of the maze. You actually control the square shape and guide it through the various mazes and get it to the X spots. In this maze game you will feel like you are playing a puzzle game sometimes but sometimes puzzle games and maze games are very similar. There are 25 different levels of mazes in this game. The R key will reset the different maze boards if you are stuck or if you traveled through the incorrect door and want to start over. The graphics for this game are not that fancy. But they don't always have to be when playing maze games. Really as long as the game play is good who really cares about the unexciting of the graphics. People don't usually play maze games because they want some insane 3d artwork, they play because they like the challenge of the mazes and that is what open doors brings. It brings a cool new refreshing maze game without any special effects for you to play any time for free.


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