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Online Pointer Maze Game
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Guide your curser through mazes to advance to the next level. Move you mouse arrow through difficult mazes without touching the wall to move on to the next level. Beware, it gets pretty hard with moving objects and insane obstacles. directions:Mouse to play. Pointer is a tough maze game. It is really getting at both your motor and your maze abilities. This game you have to get from the start of the maze to the end of the maze as fast as possible without hitting the walls. You will get frustrated at times when you run into the maze walls but just keep trying. It will really help with your hand eye coordination if you can master this maze game. The Pointer game is made by Not Doppler who are excellent game makers. They make new games every Thursday and we love when they make new maze games for us to post here. This maze game is pretty basic, move your mouse over the S to start, and get through the maze in the shortest time possible to the E to finish, keep going because your time is traced even between mazes in this game. Keep trying to beat your old maze game times and you will master it.


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