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Shape Switcher
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Help our shape shifting friend escape from every maze. Help our shape shifting friend discover his hidden powers of color and shape changing to unlock doors and escape the maze. These maze gamesare pretty funny but if you want to stimulate your brain try out some fishing over and the fishing games website. They have some awesome fishing games that are fun for the whole family.   directions:Use thw arrow keys to move through the maze.

Shape Switcher Maze Walkthrough

This is a great maze game created by , you are a shape shifter stuck in a maze looking for the exit. This is the type of maze games people are usually looking to play when they come to our free games site. This maze game even comes with a level editor so you can create your own mazes to challenge your friends and family when you get bored of the great built in levels. The movement controls are seriously very basic, you just use the arrow keys to navigate your current shape around the maze. You collect various shape shifting power ups to change into the correct colored shape to pass throrugh the different locked doors. You need to race through the mazes as fast as possible to see if you can beat all of the highest scores. They will even tell you if you have beat the par time for the maze games you are currently playing.

Creating Custom Levels

Please follow the instructions on the following screen shot to create your own custom mazes for shape shifter.


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