The Impossible

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The Impossible
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Navigate a small red ball to the portal! Navigate a small red ball through insane obstacles of moving objects to get the portal to advance to the next level. directions:Mouse to play. The impossible game is just what the title decalres it to be, it is impossible. At the start of this maze game they tell you that you might as well just quit. So what do we do when presented with challenging maze games ? We start ! When you start the game you are preseted with fairly easy mazes to make your way through. You are controlling a red dot using the keyboard and your goal is to get through the various maze games levels and avoid the green squares. You use the keyboard to control your red dot and try to pass safely through the maze. This maze game can get very frustrating if you get stuck on any of the mazes. but with some luck and some persistence you can pass all of the maze games levels and move on to the next maze, Similar to light-force double maze. We give this maze game a higher difficulty rating than some of the other free games on the site, but we still find it to be very enjoyable. Especially if you enjoy challenging maze games.


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