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The Maze Game
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You are some sort of Robot maze man in this game. Find your way through the maze while smashing walls and finding keys in this game. directions:Move with arrow keys, Unlock doors with keys, you can break walls by pressing enter.

The Maze Game- Walkthrough

The maze game is a very simple little free maze game made by (C)gamedesign. Move your robot around effectively through the different maze levels and find keys to open doors or break walls using your hammer. This maze game gets right down to business, no messing around, no ads nothing. Just start playing and start running around through some cool little mazes.

How to play

Control your little robot man by using the arrow keys and guide him safely through the different maze games. Hidden around different parts of the maze you will find different maze tools that you will find help. You will find maps, extra bonus time, keys and hammers all of which will be useful in your maze journeys.

Screen Shots

As you can see from these screenshots possibly the best tool to get is the map, it looks like a folded up map and when you find it , it shows you a blow up map of the entire maze. When you get a birds eye view of the different mazes it makes it very easy to plan your escape. Good luck with the mazes !


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